QA Testimonials

Since long i have had a keen inclination towards spirituality and my search was always on to find solutions to my problems and answers to my questions.This quest guided me to many different paths, but no where was i satisfied.Destiny guided me and i was blessed to meet a dynamic personality like DR. PRADEEP PAWAR. 
What astonished me was his unique ability to combine and present a harmonious fusion of science and spirituality and to top it over a blend of different tools and techniques that makes all this practically applicable in life.The most important is the support and back up system that guided me in the entire more
Sanjay Kadam - Thana, Mumbai
Area Sales Manager, Gee Weld
Q A gave me a new birth. Before being a part of all this i was struggling with life on all fronts. Life was miserable and hopeless. All that QA has contributed to my life is endless, but the most important thing that this process envoked within me was my confidence and ability to face any situation in life and solve it positively. My family was cursed no relation was working , my biggest blessing and achievement is the love, affection and bonding that we all experience. this was indeed a fantasy that i am really living today.
Thanks a million for this.
Mrs. Sapana Deshmukh
Draftsman, Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar Palika
I always realised that I have great potential and ability in all that I do, but the disappointing factor was that capacity. I got attracted to QA to trace this block and unlock it. The concepts, modules practised with QA changed the perspective of my life and my goals and ambitions started getting fulfilled at my fingertips. I am the same person who before knowing all this was living in hell with stress, insecurities and struggle to meetup basic expectations of life. Today stress insecurities and struggle is a past history. This academic year again I am geared to fulfill new motives, aims and ambitions and my faith, assurance and more
Mr. Shriram Joshi
Mumbai-LIC Class 2 Officer Since 27 years & Marathi Daily Soap Actor
Being in this industry for donkey's year i have always been familier with the hazards of stress governing health, mental attitude, career, relationship and life. knowing all theories never found true and practical solutions to handling it. QA is the way to practically live this philosophy. i am very very impressed and salute the expertise with which these most difficult subjects are made palatable though being so tough , they are simplified. to a extent that even a layman can understand and allow his life to change.
QA is the panacea of my life and that can make this life worth living for all those who come in contact with more
Subodh Deshpande - Pune
Fitness Consultant