Quantum Empowerment - Level 3


After taking an intense psycho-energetic roller coaster ride, the participant becomes completely aware of the scope and expanse of areas that actually interfere with and influence lives.

These processes convince them to go ahead and build their inner muscles, because till then they have experienced the value of being a co-creator in the flow of life.

In QE-3 we enter the subtle dimensions of our beings. We start this process by understanding and experiencing the energetic nature of human bio-forms and its implications on the process of lives.  

From a scientific perspective we start gauging the energy vortices vibrating in the energy body and evaluate their vibratory performance.

We then use esoteric methods to balance these vortices and do a post evaluation using the most sophisticated cutting edge technologies built over the years in the field of energy science.

This is relatively a very profound programe which not only balances the practical aspects of life, but also develops a deep spiritual awareness.

The purpose of QE-3 is to understand, explore and experience the deeper dynamics of existence and live from a balanced and coherent paradigm.

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