Quantum Empowerment - Level 2


QE-2 is a module specially designed for those who qualify to delve deeper into the dynamics.

Qualifying is to experience a significant shift using the tools in QE-1.

In this module we take the participants deeper into cellular consciousness- a term coined to experience the codes imprinted on consciousness beyond the subconscious.

After experiencing phenomenal results from QE-1, the participant now gets ready to go down the rabbit hole.

This mental frame allows him to dive deeper within oneself to explore more codes that may be obstructing him/her to experience his true potential.

The objective of this module is to undergo a deep cleansing process. This cleansing helps the participants in many ways, beginning from experiencing good health, better state of mind, heightened awareness, enhancement in productive thinking etc.

In QE-2 we start addressing issues from the conscious level and end up dealing with levels interfering even before the birth. This entire process gives the participant a multidimensional overhaul.

This deep inner cleansing automatically starts getting reflected on the materialistic and functional dimension of life exhibiting unexpected results.

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2 + half Days