Quantum Empowerment - Level 1


This is a very important and fundamental module where the participants are introduced to QE. In this module they are made aware of the suppressed emotions they carry in their minds along with the beliefs that have been limiting them all along.

They are then taught the procedure of QE, after the application of which they get a first hand experience of dissolution of the condensed emotions trapped in their minds. This experience gives them a deep experience of relief.

This module is especially meant to cleanse and purify the vibratory signals that disrupt the flow of cohesive energy patterns.

Participants experience a great relief after practicing this procedure. This in effect helps them experience a shift in their well-being. Many experience a change in their approach and tend to become more responsive and proactive.

Overall, this module is designed for participants to experience a shift in their life and consciousness.

Because people experience a release at their emotional level, a lot of stress they carry in their bodies also gets released.

This in effect, lets them experience a better health.

Since the deep toxicity gets released from the system with QA, it helps in changing their vibratory tone too. This shift also enables many to experience a positive change in their relationships and well-being.

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1 Days