Quantum Management - Basic

This module opens new worldview of leadership and management, to the ones who are at the hub of leading an organization.

It is to introduce the new concept of quantum management, which has emerged from the dynamic concepts of vibrational management. This module mainly focuses on the emergence of the leader from the quantum perspective, which lays emphasis on developing the leader.

According to the quantum perspective, leading should be the effect of the leader. The leader has to vibrate at the frequency of leadership.

And to do so one needs to assess the criterias of the leader, which can influence the organization subjectively.

This module takes the participants to gauge their states which are responsible in creating as influence on the organizations they lead.

The criterias that one introduces are -

  1. Being Management
  2. Holistic Management
  3. Temperament management
  4. Cellular Management

These new paradigms help the participants to go within them and tune themselves to the frequency of harmony.

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