Q Which areas can be corrected by QE ?

Any area of life whether it be health, wealth, relationships, growth or equanimity is addressed by applying QE, as it is a process to delete and dissolve blocks at the cellular conscious.

Q Does it deal with programming of the subconscious?

According to our perspective, the subconscious is a large reservoir, which gets impressed with stimuli it receives from one’s perceptions and convictions about life.

Certain impressions, which do not have a very strong intensity, hang on the realm of the subconscious.

But if the impressions remain in the subconscious realm over a more

Q How does QA help change my life?

From the quantum view, the process of life is an effect of multiple things like our genetic coding, our womb state programming, post birth conditionings, influences, nature types, perceptions, convictions and many more.

Most of the time all these actually arise from the ‘cellular coding” that one carries within his cells. According to more

Q Is QE an energy technique?

QE is a combination of tested techniques used to address and reprogramme information at the cellular level. They include energy psychology, meridian stimulation, neuroplasticity, energy equilibrium and healing the bio-etheric template.

Q How much time does it require to get a first hand experience of QE?

Usually it just takes a few minutes in experiencing a shift in the emotional state of the participant.

The deep cleansing process may require time depending on every individual and on the intensity of blocks one carries at the cellular level.

Q Does QE have a permanent effect on releasing blocks?