How Quantum Empowerment can Empower us?

It's very important to understand that humans are the only species on earth who have the acumen to invent, discover & explore.
From time immemorial humans have been trying to find ways and means to better their lives.
In the process of this exploration we feel we had more power to make changes in areas where we desired to make a change.
If a person is asked as to what is it that he is aspiring for? His answer would be that he desires to have :

  1. Physical & Emotional well being
  2. Some support & luck
  3. Growth & Success
  4. Fulfilling relationships
  5. Considerable ease in the unfoldments of events
  6. Contentment & Peace +

The Power to change.
In fact, to manage all this we tend to acquire more Information & Knowledge in the form of education, gain understanding of things, become wise with experience, become more proficient, take required action and... Leave the rest to Providence.
But the last few years have been revolutionary in the awakening of human consciousness because he is being introduced to things which were unknown to him earlier.
Now he is aware of the 'one step' he can take before he leaves the rest to Providence.
And that step is of realizing that -
Quantum Awakening is to understand that step.

We are all trying to achieve some or the other thing in the process of life. That is, we are at point 'X' and want to reach point 'Y'.
In QA we are trying to understand whether there is a more effective, easier and effortless way.
To understand this we need to understand that the life we are living runs on programs that are downloaded in us.
Like every seed unfolds into a tree or a plant depending on the programme it carries, similarly humans also live life as per the programs they carry within them.
These programs are embedded and encrypted in the first CELL that is created in the process of conception.
It is very important to realize that this one cell with the energy and information it carries starts multiplying and forming a full fledged body containing 50 trillion cells.
The information that is embedded in these cells comes from dimensions beyond human comprehension.
However to define some which have been identified till now are -

  • The information prior to birth
  • DNA
  • Womb state impressions
  • Post birth conditionings and above all
  • The deep convictions we carry in our minds derived from our perceptions towards life.

These programs carry different software's some are compatible and some are not compatible or coherent with life.
These programs now start running our lives. Because it is from these programs that we carry our personalities and dispositions. These programs influence not only our potential or perceptions but they also influence the field around us.
It is very important for us to understand that the field we live in is very interactive, dynamic and live. It projects our programs into the field in the form of subtle vibrations which interfere with each other either in the form of resonant, neutral or dissonant effects.
These transmissions not only arise from our thoughts, feelings and beliefs but they also arise from the information embedded in our cells.
This is the reason, in spite of some humans being very positive in their approach towards life, experience undesirable circumstances time and again.
So, a new understanding has dawned on the consciousness of humans now and that is, after taking sufficient steps to create a desired life if they are not successful in creating the desired change then before leaving the rest to Providence... There is hope.
And this hope is - Now you can decide to change the cellular information which is destructively interfering with life and empower yourself with information that is conducive to your growth.
This is what Quantum Awakening is all about!
By learning and understanding some tools and techniques which have been derived from researches in Neuroplasticity, Meridian stimulation, Epigenetics, Zero point field, Etheric body healing, other healing methodologies one gets an opportunity to awaken his dormant potentials and empower oneself to make a significant change in one's life.