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Quantum awakening has been founded by Dr. Pradeep Pawar who is a psychologist and a vibratory medicine practitioner. He has been doing research on consciousness and its influence on hard-core reality for the last four decades. His areas of research explore the spiritual dimensions through the lens of physics, mainly quantum mechanics.

In trying to understand these intricate dynamics, he has delved into myriad of layers of existence, which influence and interfere with the human mind.

His special area of research has been – the vibratory nature of nature and its entanglement with day-to-day experiences. He has explored the frequency layers that the human form carries and the effects it has on the hardcore realities of life.

The theory of QA that he teaches to correct the instability of life from a multidimensional spectrum, has emerged from the ancient system of medicine of the Chinese and the Ayurveda. He has fused this ancient philosophy with modern day energy psychology techniques and principles.

He has been a source of inspiration and support to thousands who have explored the hidden dimension of life from him, for the last forty years.



Chief Facilitator

Meenal has been a management graduate, a medical student and a clinical acupuncturist. Her inclination towards the spiritual dimension of life since her childhood brought her to explore a different extension of life in the form of Quantum awakening.

After experiencing the miraculous effects of using the techniques taught in QA she decided to go deeper in understanding the process and eventually ended up being an aide in Dr.Pawar’s research.

She has not only digested the process of QA but has been helping thousands with her understanding and approach.

She is the only student of Dr. Pradeep Pawar who is authorized by him to teach QA and guide people.